Prepare for the Comfort Scarecrow Invasion!

(Editor’s Note: In the spirit of fairness, we attempted to interview a crow for this article. It pecked at something shiny, cawed, and flew away.)

New Orleans has Mardi Gras; out in the scorching sands of Nevada they’ve got their Burning Man; and closer to home, Austin has its SXSW Festival. Certain regions and cities have celebrations and festivities which help define them, from the biggest metropolis to the smallest village. Each year ss summer fades away, and the cooler weather of autumn takes hold, there’s a town in our midst that has developed a reputation for making the Halloween season extra special.

The Hill Country town of Comfort is one place that takes Halloween, and the entire month of October for that matter, very seriously! That’s when whimsical and colorful straw men and women start cropping up in and around town to help add a festive flavor and fun atmosphere to the fall season.

Every October, the townspeople and business owners in Comfort are invited, and encouraged, to take part in their annual Scarecrow Invasion..and they do so in some of the most creative ways imaginable. It’s a fun tradition that enhances community spirit, and one that has grown over the years to inspire smiles all over the Hill Country. One can easily imagine the hard work and inspiration that goes into the displays you’ll see everywhere in town...and we mean EVERYWHERE.

Front yards? You bet there will be lots of scarecrows. Business window displays? Sure enough, scarecrows, often creatively offering local wares. In trees? Sure, why not? On rooftops? You get the idea. It might be easier to list the places you won’t find these hay-stuffed citizens. Oh, and don’t worry; we’re sure you’ll spy some of their country cousins guarding the fields outside of town, faithfully sticking to their scarecrow roots.

Comfort’s Scarecrow Invasion is sponsored by the town’s Chamber of Commerce, and on their web page they list the official dates of the displays as the entire month of October. Sure enough, that’s when the first straw-filled mannequins start appearing. Their numbers grow through the first couple of weeks of the month, peaking during the weekend closest to October 15th. There’s a perfectly logical reason for that: it’s the weekend when Chamber officials tour the area and judge scarecrows in categories such as “Only in Comfort” and “Best of Invasion.” This friendly spirit of competition really boosts the creativity to another level! Once the categorical winners are awarded, the scarecrow displays remain in place for all to enjoy until Halloween.

For prime viewing of the Scarecrow Invasion, spectators are recommended to explore the friendly streets of Comfort between the second week of October and Halloween. If you live in Comfort and are planning a scarecrow display, the Chamber of Commerce will do their best to tour the entire town. However, in order to be sure your display is observed and considered, call the Chamber at (830) 995-3131 with its location.

Everyone is welcome to visit Comfort’s Scarecrow Invasion! Though crows might be wary….

The Scarecrow Invasion is just one wonderful celebration held throughout the year in the towns of the Hill Country. While exploring the region, arm yourself with the most up-to-date information with the Hill Country Travel App! The FREE download provides up-to-date information about over 20 towns, local businesses, events, and much more. It’s available on both iPhone and Android!

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