Lago Vista is a north shore community on Lake Travis, which is on the northern cusp of the Hill Country. With a population of about 9,400, it’s the second-largest city on the lake (second only to Lakeway). Like its fellow communities, Lago Vista has an economy tied to tourism and recreation, which inspired their town motto, “Live like you’re on vacation.” We’d like to take a moment to take a look at this thriving community’s history.

Bountiful hunting, and rich farming land fed by the Colorado River, has attracted people here for centuries, and its human history dates back over 10,000 years. In 1983, the remains of a woman were found in Leander, 15 miles northeast of Lago Vista. She’s been dubbed the “Leanderthal Lady,” and lived in the Hill Country at least ten centuries ago! Since then, the region has been populated by Native American tribes such as the Apache and Comanche, and explorers from Spain, France, and Mexico.

Stephen F. Austin came by the nickname “The Father of Texas” honestly, and it’s no surprise he was influential in the first settlement of the area that would become Lago Vista. In 1831, he issued 800 land contracts to European settlers—some fresh from their home countries, some from other areas of the United States—to settle on the farmland north of the Colorado River. This program strongly established Anglo settlers in the region, but they were spread out enough that no community in the rural area really “took hold” or incorporated. Indeed, the area was referred to as the “Upper Colonies,” in reference to the nearby city of Austin.

One issue with living in this region was the behavior of the Colorado River itself. It flooded regularly, as often as every six years, disrupting everyday life and the area’s development. Three especially bad floods occurred during the 1930s, and they stirred local authorities to finally take corrective action. With the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) heading the project, construction began on the Marshall Ford Dam in 1937.

By the time the dam was completed four years later, it had been renamed Mansfield Dam to honor Texas Congressman Joseph J. Mansfield. The reservoir north of the dam was called Lake Travis, an homage to Alamo defender William B. Travis. Deep under the lake’s surface to this day are rock walls, outbuildings, and even a bridge, that were deemed too troublesome or expensive to move.

Where’s there’s water, there will be people seeking recreation on and around it, and the creation of Lake Travis was no exception. Hunters, anglers, and nature lovers came to its shores, and some even built seasonal structures there, but no serious development took place in the region until after the challenges of the Great Depression and World War II.

After that point, roads and other infrastructures were built, since the filling of Lake Travis had reduced access to the villages on its shores. The workers hired to work on these projects were one of the first groups of people to give the scenic lakeside land serious consideration, and they built homes there, too. Following suit were World War II veterans, retirees, and Austin citizens who wanted a quieter setting and more relaxed pace. This influx of permanent residents helped Lago Vista to grow and develop further.

In the mid-1980s, the city of Austin announced an attempt to annex as much of the Colorado River bed and surrounding land as they could. Lago Vista was among the communities who took the opportunity to incorporate, giving them the sovereignty and legal status to turn away Austin’s attempt. The city of Lago Vista officially incorporated in 1984.

As a robust resort community, Lago Vista has plenty to keep visitors entertained, and it draws visitors by the thousands looking for fun on and off the lake! From picnics to fine dining, from relaxation to vigorous exercise, there are shops, parks, restaurants, and attractions aplenty for those who’d like to live like they’re on vacation.

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