Two great astronomical events are going to take place right over our heads in the Texas Hill Country in the upcoming two years! On Saturday, October 14, 2023, there will be an annular solar eclipse (“annular” meaning the moon will be slightly closer to the earth at that point, meaning it won’t totally block out the sun, so a bright ring will be visible at the peak of the eclipse), and on Monday, April 8, 2024, we’ll be right under a full solar eclipse, where the moon completely blocks out the sun. What do these rare events mean to our property hosts and RV-driving visitors? We’re glad you asked!

Vacation Home / RV Spot Property Owners

As we’ve all witnessed by watching media coverage of previous solar eclipses, these events draw a lot of attention, and a lot of visitors! With the Texas Hill Country directly in the shadow of the upcoming eclipses, Backroads Reservations is uniquely qualified to help you benefit from the influx of thousands of people who will be coming to the region on those important dates.

We’ve been arranging fantastic vacation stays for our guests in the Hill Country since 2001. We’re attuned to what our guests like to do and see while they visit, and are ramping up our preparations for incoming eclipse enthusiasts. We already have over 500 “eclipse acres” under our management; while a property may have over 1,000 acres total, for this purpose we’re concentrating on those that are specifically RV-friendly for folks who want to witness these amazing events. We’ll undoubtedly need more room to meet demand, and here’s where you come in!

If you own RV-accessible property in or near the Hill Country towns listed below, now is the time to act! Download the free Texas Hill Country Travel App by Backroads Reservations as soon as possible  for a free land evaluation and host preparation package, as well as future updates on this fun and profitable project. We’ll keep you in the loop with developments the minute we know them. It may seem like it’s a ways off, but the time to act and start preparing is now, so we can work together to make our visitors’ eclipse experiences fun, memorable, and positive!

Hill Country towns in the path of both eclipses:

hill country towns eclipse

* Bandera * Kerrville

* Boerne * Lakehills

* Comfort * Leakey

* Concan * Medina

* D’Hanis * Pipe Creek

* Fredericksburg * Tarpley

* Helotes * Utopia

* Hondo * Vanderpool

Hill Country Visitors

Backroads Reservations is gearing up to make these amazing sky shows both fun and hassle-free for our valued guests! We’ve got dozens of unique vacation rentals right in the path of both eclipses, and we’re in the process of expanding space for RV owners, as well. It’s our mission to find our visitors prime viewing locations for these back-to-back astronomical wonders. If you’re planning on bringing your RV to the Texas Hill Country for the eclipses, now’s the time to reach out, so you’ll be up-to-speed on new properties and other eclipse-viewing developments. We’ll notify you when we bring new properties on board, and that includes RV-friendly spaces!

Find more eclipse information, including articles, totality of darkness too (see total darkness times for each city), articles and a travel preparedness checklist on our free mobile app here Hill Country Travel App available on iPhone and Android.