At almost 80 feet tall, the Kerrville Cross is visible from many points in this Hill Country town. The enormous blood-red steel structure has arms with a span of 40 feet, and its hollow design is more than large enough to walk through. It’s almost impossible to find a local who isn’t aware of its existence, but did you know it’s also home to many other religiously-themed art exhibits?

The cross itself was the center of intense controversy, and a legal battle that lasted nearly two years. When it was announced the cross was to be erected in Kerrville in 2008, a lawsuit immediately ensued, filed by nearby homeowners who insisted the land upon which the cross was to be erected could not be used for commercial purposes (despite the fact it was on private land), and that the cross itself would be disruptive to the neighborhood. Luckily, the suit ended with an agreeable compromise, and the gigantic cross was installed on July 27, 2010, towering over Interstate Highway 10. The cross, designed by artist Max Greiner, Jr., has been considered a Kerrville landmark ever since.

But for those just driving by on the highway, they’re missing most of the picture. You see, the Kerrville Cross is just one feature of a much larger display!

The cross is the centerpiece of almost 25 acres of artwork and reflection called the Coming King Sculpture Prayer Gardens. It’s a quiet and reflective site, dedicated to devotion to faith, and folks of all religious denominations are welcome to visit. It’s located at 520 Benson Drive in Kerrville, uniquely located not only on the same latitude as Israel, but also midway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It’s open from 7 AM to midnight 365 days a year, and special events and services are often held there. The web page for the group that oversees the gardens, the Coming King Foundation, is, and their phone number is (830) 928-7774.

In the years since the erection of the cross in 2010, the gardens have expanded with several permanent artwork displays that support strength of faith. For example, the “Coming King” sculpture includes the Living Water Fountain, which is used for baptisms. There is a bold and striking sculpture of the regal Lion of Judah, and a statue of Christ in his role as the Fisher of Men. “The Great Commission” depicts the world being supported by the wisdom imparted from the Bible. Dozens of inspirational prayers and verses are posted all throughout the grounds, as well.

While the gardens exist for the contemplation of religion and faith, you can also admire the environs through a different lens: there are sculptures and installations here that are worth nearly three million dollars, making it the most expensive fine art collection in the area. More works are planned, and will be added, as funding and execution of new inspirational works permit.

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Visitors to the Kerrville Cross, and the surrounding gardens, are asked to respect not only the solemnity and reverence of the park, but the solitude and peace of their fellow visitors. We ask you use the same rules of respect for folks who share their experiences on this post.

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